Vintage Rugs

Handcrafted quality rugs get old in time, but they never lose their value, instead they become more valuable. This style is called vintage rugs and they are really found less in the market.

Vintage rugs are made to look old and faded, but this turns out to be a fantastic detail because there’s a certain patina that typically comes only with age and time. This includes the wear, colors and the way the yarns have opened up over time. Good wool gets more of a luster with age. And the colors often appear more subtle and natural. In fact reasonable amount of wear and imperfections on the rug makes them look even better and even desirable. Especially the oxidation of colors makes great impact on visional atmosphere.

In fact, it’s really more about the quality and the uniqueness of the rug to be vintage. But of course, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, then you have to go for a vintage rug. It has characteristics, a mysterious look and a unique feeling for itself.

vintage rugs in decoration

How to use vintage rugs in decoration?

You can either use them alone, but the different style will be mixing new and vintage rugs in a thoughtful and meaningful way. For instance, you might pair one new, warm-colored rugs that has an old, gently-distressed texture with a vintage rug from the same color family. The new, solid rug could go in the dining room and the patterned vintage rug could be used in the living room. The opposition would make each of the rugs appear even more beautiful as when they stand alone.

You have to be very careful in choosing the other complementary accesories in the area. Vintage rug hs to pop up instead of being on one side among the accessories. That is your focus point so play on it.

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