Tulu Rugs in Style and Decoration

Tulu Rugs in Decoration

Tulu is the English version for the Turkish word, “tüylü” which means  hairy. Tulu rugs are called hairy because of the wool that is been used to make the knots. They are original and natural, that’s why they are hairy.

The weaving style of the Tulu rugs is similar to the styles used in Middle and Western Anatolian rugs. The number of wefts is slightly more than that of the regional rugs and the yarn for tying is spun loose giving it a more warm, soft and piled look. Tulu rugs are woven in Karapinar area, in the east of Konya, Turkey. This region is as plain as you can imagine. The natural look is more like a desert. So the colors and the weather…There are many ancient ruins of Anatolian civilizations from back of 7000 years. Until then, the villagers have been weaving these lovely rugs for themselves to keep them away from the sun and dust and cold. And now they are weaving them for the house decoration all over the world.

Tulu rugs reflect the mysticism and regional etnography of the area it belongs to. These rugs also have the influences of the past generations. They have similar motifs to each other but they all tell different stories of the person who had her hands on each knot. They have intelligent characteristics of the area’s population as well.

tulu-rugs in decoration

How to Use Tulu Rugs

Tulu rugs are like a piece of art. It has its own unique style and is impossible to step on and besides they are very valuable. So they can be used in design and desoration of the houses.

As they are hairy, the mostly preferred using style is hanging them on the wall as focus point. It gives a high value to the room and boosts the area by itself.

Tulu rugs can also be used in decorating the furniture, like throws or blankets.

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