Rag Rugs in Simple Elegant Style

Rag Rugs have long been a cheap and cheerful way to bring a bit of shining colour to a room. Made from recycled old fabrics, the rag rugs are a fabulous way to use in the rooms.

Rag rugs are especially used in child rooms or more in summer houses. Braided from wool strips in all colours, the plaits spiraled out from an oval center, around and around, each edge stitched to the next to form a long-lasting, soft floorcovering.

Images of cozy homes cheered by colorful rag rugs are actually a fun. You can decorate every empty area with a soft touch of the fabrics.

rag rugs in colors

Buying a rag rug

Not all rag rugs are created in equal sizes. Some rugs sold at major chain stores are made by machines. If you want a fair-trade, recycled rag rug, look for one that uses a variety of fabrics and one-of-a-kind patterns. Then you need to ask these questions to the seller:

  • Did you use recycled fabric?:  For convenient use and an aesthetic style, rag rug artists sometimes purchase new strips of pre-cut fabric. Anyway it is still handmade isn’t it?
  • How was the rug made?:  If an artisan hesitates to provide information about the product, he or she might be reselling machine made rugs.

rag rugs handmade style

Rag recycling

Rag rugs come in different types and styles: hooked, prodded, knitted and crocheted, braided, and twined. Some are pictorial, offering up folk-art motifs of cats, angels, hearts, and flowers. Others make wild geometric designs, combining unusual blends of color and texture. Most common is the simple woven rug. Created on a loom, it is one of the fastest types to make and can be as colorful and varied as the weaver’s imagination. Though it is the most authentic one.

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