Home Decoration Trends Today

The interior design industry is just like fashion industry. It keeps on changing every season, adding new details and erasing more ones from the past seasons. We can call it a bit unfaithful, but that’s the way it works! So before it changes again, let’s talk about some home decorations trends today.

Just like personel style, home decoration trends are always fun to keep up with as they evolve and bring new inspirations each season. Colors, fabrics, accessories, prints  and furniture are the key elements of each season as players of the decoration game.

In the following you will find what we have found for today’s home decoration style as design and fashion according to interior designers.

pastel colors in home decoration trends

 * Sophisticated pastels keep us warm

This color palette contains very complicated colors to use in home decoration, but somehow they are very warm and cozy. Pastel colors plays an important role especially in summer houses. These colors affect the residents in a positive manner and makes comfortable trends in homes.

* Copper accessories are new details.

We were really used to see gold and silver metals around so much that we were tired of them. Today we have a new metal, copper shining in all objects. Even glasses in the kitchen have changed into metal instead of glass. Things do really change.

* Simple Comfortable Functional furnitures are top list.

The way we live also have evolved in years. Our houses have become the place we rest and fulfill our energy. In that way, the style of the furniture have become simple and easy to use in the daily lives. We choose the most comfortable ones instead of luxurious style. The functional features become clear guides in buying stage.

woven textures in home decoration style

* Woven Textures are all around.

The depth of woven textiles and accents bring to a room is really a volüme up. Especially during cold-weather months, that is lovely. Hanging baskets for a focal point on the wall, put plants in stands, or swap out your light fixture for a basket made pendant light. Again, off-set the rough texture with soft velvet or hand-knit wool throws and smooth metal side tables, mirrors, and ceramic accents, accompanied by an oriental rug on the floor.







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