Hanging Rugs on The Wall

Hanging rugs on the wall is a great way to display them. If it’s an antique and you want to preserve its life longer, you have to take care of it even on the wall.

The first thing you need to know is that the rugs can be heavy. So how do you hang an oriental rug without damaging it?

hanging rugs on the wall

What to do Before Hanging Rugs

•When choosing the wall you will hang your rug, keep in mind the size of your rug.

•Keep away from direct sunlight, as this will damage the colors in your rug in time.

•Don’t use raw wood or nails to hang your rug. Over time, this will also damage your rug.

•Clean your hanging rugs every few months using a vacuum attachment. It can still get dusty on the wall.

•Stay away from sticky adhesives, as they will cause severe damage.

hanging rugs safely

Frame the Hanging Rugs

Small or very fragile rugs can be placed in a glass frame. This would be best done by a professional framer since the glass should be of the quality that would preserve and protect the colors in the rug.

Where to Hang a Rug

First you have to decide where you will hang your rug. According to the rug’s style you can decide about the room. The rug will be the focus of the room, so be careful. The colors in the rug will harmonize or contrast with other items in the room. You can hang a rug in a hallway, or as a headboard over a bed, or anywhere your imagination can take you.

There are really no rules where rugs can go. Just make sure you do not hang a rug where direct sunlight will face it and, once again, make sure the foundation cords are not compromised during the hanging.

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