How to Differentiate Rugs Per Regions

When you specify the reason why you want to purchase a rug, will help you decide on the quality and price range of the product you’re looking for. But apart of all that, you have to know the rugs per regions.

patterns per regions in rugs

Are Rugs a Status Symbol?

The most exclusive rugs are made of naturally dyed, 100% silk thread, and buying one of them is a serious investment. Due to the thread’s thickness, the weaving process might take from six months to several years depending on the size. This combination of material and manufacturing time afeect the final price.

For centuries Anatolian women used traditional patterns, dyes and motifs to tell their own unique stories, and make a mark on a product that was meant to be passed onto the next generations. Professional rug sellers has to know deep information on this traditional symbol-based language. They will be happy to tell you what it means and you can decide for yourself if that particular story is the one you want to welcome in your house. Of course the patterns and motifs used on the rugs, have nothing to do with the final price of the rug, only the fringes may affect. It can help you recognize the type of thread used to weave it: while silk fringe is soft and thin, wool is rather thick and spiky. If the fringe is tied to make single knots in two different colors, that means the carpet maker is a married person. Making double knots with more than two colours means that the weaver has children.

Which part/town of Anatolia does the rug come from? 

The patterns and materials used to make a rug vary according to the geographical location of the person who makes the rug. Experienced sellers should be able to tell you what and how a particular material and pattern have  been used.

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