How to Buy Rugs Online


How to buy something online is a bit scary believe me, but buying a rug onine is far more than scary! You can not touch the rug, you have no chance to touch it. The quality is a secret not more than what you see on the photo. The true colors is another fact that can change in reality. So most of us get a bit nervous, but there are a lot of new choices online so we are sure that all of us need a guide in how to buy rugs online.

Here are the basic questions on the subject.

What to consider in how to buy rugs online?

1-The place that the rug will be located in your house

The place where you will put your rug is very important. Is teh rug going to be in a bathroom, hallway or entry where a door needs to open over it? Then you need a low pile rug like a Kilim or other flatwoven choice will be more comfortable.

And search for the following details:

  • The size of the rug for the space
  • Your budget
  • The style you’re looking for
  • The color you need

Once you have these clear, then it’s time to search for the rug online.

how to buy rugs online

What’s a high quality rug?

A quality rug usually has 3 details:

•Hand-knotted or hand woven

•Made of natural fibers like silk, wool, and cotton – because they last longer

•The design

You can ask for these details to the seller online. Go for it and ask your questions, do not stay away.

How to see the real color of the rug online?

If you’re buying from a reputable rug shop, the rug photos need to be:

•Of the entire rug

•Taken in natural light

•Have been color corrected to make sure you’re seeing the exact color it is in person.

Please remember, the screens can see very different than the eyes. Everybody sees the colors differently.

Your place can be darker, so the rug color will look different in the space also.

Full, naturally-lit rug photos will give you the best idea of a rug’s true color.

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